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Happy #Fathersday PRINCESS HALLIDAY! •For advocating for inclusion… •For praying for the spirit of discernment daily and operating with wisdom.. •For advocating for leadership balance between men & women •For educating women and men to be powerful •For protecting, providing and empowering.. •For taking initiative & going first most times.. •For sitting at the table where decisions are made with men… •For not allowing anyone to subject you or any other woman to their sexuality
Thank you so much for the Honor conferred on me and other incomparable personalities at the Nollywood Travel Film Festival. It is truly gratifying to be recipient of your platform.Valuable honor goes a long way in further establishing a persons true wealth in their field of endeavor. Thank you for the invitation to speak and for making this day necessary. Thank you for progressively creating this structure with the aim of developing the African film
The definition of insanity could mean doing something over and over and wanting a different result. A major problem I have observed in leadership and why we sometimes have stalled leadership is most leaders are content with just their position at the helm of leadership and do not seek for further professional development or education.  -A person at the helm of leadership meets a young man whose expertise is not only current, but aligned with
As funny as this may seem, many still believe that next of kin should only be ascribed to men. Today I had a conversation with a family going through a transition. The family consists of three women and two men. The men strongly believe that their mother’s next of kin must be a man and will not involve any of the sisters. They believed their sisters had no right to any inheritance because they are
Novelist “Margret Atwood” first discussed that “we still think of a powerful man as a born leader and a powerful woman as an anomaly”. This is true in so many facets! Often time, people misconstrue these statements as solely for feminist! But No! This simply indicates actual happenings in life while seeking for fine gender balance.The leadership disparity between men and women is huge.  In some countries, very few people are starting these conversation because