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Heritage TV London Interviews Princess Halliday on Leadership, Power, Gender Balance and Inclusion

By | August 7th, 2018|Empowering You To Do The Extraordinary, LEAD WITH A STYLE|

Ready to be a #guest on Heritage TV London to speak #Leadership, #Power#Genderbalance & #Inclusion _____ Today I am interviewed by OtunbaHOO-A 71 years old British-African & renowned #Political activist/TV Host. Otunba is one man whose invite I would honor for he truly respects my presence as well as I do his. Watch this powerful  discussion!! ____ Suit : @missyempire Shoes: #vincecamuto Model😉: #princesshalliday. • • #Authenticleadership #LEADERSHIP #Power#Powersuit #Notafraidtolead#Princesshalliday #Theextraordinary


By | June 19th, 2018|Empowering You To Do The Extraordinary, LEAD WITH A STYLE, Uncategorized|

Happy #Fathersday PRINCESS HALLIDAY! •For advocating for inclusion... •For praying for the spirit of discernment daily and operating with wisdom.. •For advocating for leadership balance between men & women •For educating women and men to be powerful •For protecting, providing and empowering.. •For taking initiative & going first most times.. •For sitting at the table where decisions are made with men... •For not allowing anyone to subject you or any other woman to their sexuality in conversations. •For passionately speaking [...]