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“This is truly a journey of extreme passion spurred out of the need for redefining leadership. We’d love to join together with you in partnership to continue to fight for gender balance and the empowerment of men, women, boys and girls  all around the world to be authentic leaders.” 

Princess Halliday

I’m Princess Halliday, An award-winning leadershp Ambassador and pioneer of Authentic Leadership!

I know what you’re thinking, “she looks young, how can she be a leader? African folks will conclude by saying: and she is a young girl!” Some  who think Leadership as “ugly” might find it hard to appreciate my accomplishment because leadership is not believed to look like what Princess Halliday looks like. I am here to help you change this stalled narrative.  Yes, 100% leader.  So what’s my story behind organizing a leadership empowerment movement and brand?  Well,With over 18 years of professional experience, I educate leaders at the helm of leadership to be Authentic Leaders. For everything that I was told that a young princess can never accomplish because she is a girl- I strive to ensure I accomplish.There’s no greater feeling than empowering someone to become and do what their heart, dreams, and goals lead them to.

I have been a guest lecturer on ethics and leadership to master’s degree professionals in California State University Northridge, educating leaders on Ethics, Power and Leadership. Having exercised my expertise in high-risk domestic and international situations; global conflict and terrorist incidents; diplomacy; and business, I am determined to change the stalled culture of leadership for men, women, boys and girls.  It is time for a change in Leadership Narrative and a reset. Leadership should have a  beautiful face. Beauty equates to leadership.

Recently, I developed and presented lectures to the U.S Army base Virginia on “emotional intelligence, leadership and service members transitioning from the military”. This was accepted and  integrated into the system to help army officers and families during their transition to civilian life.

Over a decade ago, I received my Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering, Executive leadership in communication- The Arts of Persuasion from Harvard University, Executive Graduate Certification in International Business  from school of Business Virginia Commonwealth University, and an additional degree in Leadership from Woodbury University Los Angeles California.

One of our goal is to Empower 1 million people on Authentic Leadership.I am a firm believer that amazing things can happen when men, women, boys and girls come together to revolutionize the world. “Do not just talk because you have good command in english- bring your words to actions”!